Giving allows us to demonstrate that all we have comes from God and belongs to God. We trust God to care for our needs.

Sundays 10:15 am | Prayer 5pm | Ventus 6pm

Why We Give

Your gifts of your volunteer time or money to Arlington United Church make a difference in the reach of our ministries.

How We Give

The gift of your time and talent is most important to serve the cause as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.  If you wish to join in this work, please contact the pastor or church office.

Financial gifts return to God, what is already his.  Below are suggestions for how you can donate. Thank you for helping to support our church.

Cash & Check

Donations may be brought to the church on Sunday or mailed to this address:

Contributions Treasurer
Arlington United Church
PO Box 266
Arlington, WA 98223-0266
Checks should be made out to “Arlington United Church” (or “AUC”) with a memo indicating the Giving Category, below.  100% of the amount goes to that fund.  Undesignated giving supports the General Operating Fund.

Giving Categories:

  • General Operating Fund (Supports Pastor, Staff, Programs, and Operations)
  • World Wide Missions (U.S. and Foreign)
  • Local Missions (Arlington area, including the Food Bank and Cold Weather Shelter)
  • Youth Programs
  • Building Improvement Projects
  • AUC Memorial Fund:  In Memory of __________________

Do you have questions about giving ?

Contact the church office at 360-435-3259.



Annual Reports

Please contact the church office for a copy of the most recent financial report.